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Native Talent in Tech is a collection of Indigenous technologists across various skills and experiences. The project's goal is to highlight their work and elevate their voices by parsing Twitter bios for popular keywords. With more representation, we hope that it can also help companies discover the next generation of Native talent.

Source code

This project is a fork of Women Who Design. They are happy to support new directories highlighting underrepresented or marginalized groups. If you're looking to start a similar effort, feel free to fork the project on GitHub.

What does “Native” mean?

“Native” is a general term that refers to a person of Indigenous lineage or peoples of long settlement and connection to specific lands. But like people, the terminology will continue to evolve.

Who built this site?

Thanks to the great work of Jules Forest, creator of Women Who Design, for providing the source code on GitHub for new directories like this.

This site was created by Adam Recvlohe, Eli Taretąndeh Brumbaugh, and Jay Castro from Natives in Tech, a coalition of Native and non-Native software technologists whose goal is to build technology that reinforces Native beliefs, knowledge, and identity.

Other notes


Native Talent in Tech is an independent project. If you're interested in supporting it, please consider posting a job.

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If you've been featured in the directory and you'd rather not be, please send an email to hello@nativesintech.org and you will be removed.

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