JavaScript Developer

OddBird is looking for a JavaScript Developer to join the team, and we’d love to hear from you!


  • Have experience writing JavaScript for the web, preferably not limited to a single framework
  • Enjoy solving complex problems with readable, efficient, tested code
  • Can explain the decisions behind your work, and the tradeoffs involved
  • Work closely with designers to integrate form & function
  • Enjoy the push-and-pull of a tight feedback cycle
  • Enjoy exploring outside what you know, and questioning your assumptions
  • Are based in a timezone from UTC-4 (Puerto Rico) to UTC-8 (Alaska)

At OddBird, We:

  • Are a small team (currently 7)
  • Enjoy working collaboratively on complex problems
  • Collectively set the vision & direction of the company: how we work, who we work for, and how we manage resources
  • Pay ourselves a competitive hourly rate, equally across the entire team, with total transparency
  • Are free to take on tasks and explore roles beyond the initial job posting (if you have other skills & interests, we want to know about them!)
  • All contribute to writing and reviewing documentation
  • Give and receive design critiques and code reviews as collaborators
  • Have lives & interests outside of work
  • Set our own hours, and work remote (UTC-4 to UTC-8 most of the time, but trips further afield are fine!)
  • Listen to users, and enjoy having our assumptions challenged/tested
  • Care about diversity in the tech community and in our own work
  • Maintain and enforce a code of conduct for everyone involved with OddBird work
  • Care about the accessibility of our projects
  • Are engaged in the software community – writing articles, sharing tools, and giving talks – and pay ourselves for that work


This isn’t a cubicle job with dental, a 401k, and paid vacation. We’re also not a start-up expecting you to work nights and weekends towards future equity. This is a contract job with long term potential, a good hourly rate ($100 an hour for client work), a collective vision, and a lot of flexibility. We work together to find clients, and we work together to build them the best tools we can. When there’s work to be done, we all do what we can, and we get paid for our time.

We’re looking for 15 to 20 billable hours per week to start, with potential for more. For details on

Note that contract hours & rates don’t map cleanly to a 40hr work week. Our most active members rarely bill more than 30 hours in a week. Both our external and internal rates (what we charge clients, and what we pay ourselves) are set collaboratively as a team, and change over time.

Learn more about our team structure – what we’re offering, and what we expect from you – in our full OddBirding Guide.

Our Interview Process

Candidates who are selected by the staff for consideration will first have a screening with our Project Manager (15-30 minutes).

If selected to interview, you will then meet with two members of our staff to discuss your background as a web developer. A notable part of this round will include asking you to talk us through a sample of JavaScript code that you’ve written. We will ask you to explain the problem that it solves, and the decisions and tradeoffs in your solution. (30-45 minutes).

Final candidates will then get to meet with the whole team for a roundtable discussion and to answer any questions you might have for us (1 hour).


Let’s talk! Tell us about yourself and your work. Contact to start the conversation.